App Gamification

UX Gamification / Badges Icons
Long story short
UX for integrating a gamification system upon an existing app, in order to encourage engagement. Based on UX research, user interviews and analytical data.


Gamification applies typical elements of game playing to other areas of activity to encourage engagement with the product.

Hypothesis was that due to the lack of engagement the app wasn’t used by employees on a larger scale. The app had some users on a daily basis, but overall the usage has dropped in the last quarter. In order to find out what was keeping the users away from the app we organized user interviews.
After looking at the data one of the issues that surfaced was the lack of engagement, therefore we proposed “gamification” as a solution. Based on events triggered in the app we came up with badges.



Certain badges have 3 levels. Those are easy to get at level 1 but get harder to obtain for higher levels. Badges are ways to reward the user for using the application and keep them engaged.