The Woman

The Woman motivates, educates and supports women, those #LeadersofChange who have the power to inspire and connect businesses. Women leaders encourage education and act through active support within both their own communities and global ones.


In 2018, the conference gathered more than 700 #LeadersofChange for their 8th edition of The Woman Leadership Conference. The Woman promotes the idea of cultural and personal diversity. We are all diverse through the actions that we take, the job that we have and our aspirations. We encourage each of you to embrace your diverse personality.

The Woman Shop

The Woman Shop is an online shop selling perfume and make-up. Main audience are women. Layout was build with modular sections in mind so that elements can be used across the website. My task was to create the UI for homepage and a product page, as well as creating the branding and online presence – logo, typography, visual design.

Online Presence

Product page features a clean design reflecting a modern approach for the always up-to-date-woman.

The Woman Shop’s online presence extends that of the online store on several media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. A styleguide containing rules was created in order to have a consistent presence across platforms.

Instagram Concept – Proposal was to create a series of 6 posts where, beside the product, in a 6 posts grid you can present other related products, for example products associated with a perfume on promotion. Instagram posts beside it will display make-up or jewelry or books that match the perfume mood. Smells like bubble gum.



Women Mentors is a platform dedicated to educating & mentoring, to those who want to develop their career, providing direct access to the life experiences of leading women in various fields. We believe that in order to train professionals it’s needed an alternative form of education based on models offered as an example.


The platform’s purpose is to create a learning space and common development, whose primary goal is to ensure a good balance program personally and professionally, to prepare participants for future challenges but also to become people with a relevant impact in society.

Online presence

Website as a digital solution to handle subscribers to benefit mentor-mentee relationships. We created 2 pages serving as landing pages for their marketing campaign on social media and events, such as the “Leadership Conference”.


To qualify as a mentor, each must take responsibility to fill the roles at the same time of a teacher, a friend, an advisor, a confidant and a role model. A mentee on the other hand must make some personal choices, be open for new experiences and engage in a professional relationship with the mentor.

Education can change people’s lives. But to make the best decisions, each needs the perspective that only the influence of successful models can offer. Here comes the role of mentors. Mentor’s page was designed on desktop to be similar to an open book, in order to keep up with the education theme and offer a sense of openness and sharing knowledge.


Every mentee has to assume a few personal choices, such as wanting to evolve professionally, be opened to new experiences, widening personal and professional horizons, spends time on interacting with the mentor and is responsive to criticism and feedback of any kind.


The logo is the center of the branding universe and although is just a small part in it, defines your aspirations. Bellow there is a collection of some of my best and dearest logos.

MrPoro Logo Design


Logo marks or symbols have a variety of applications in today’s digital world, as social media avatars, app icons etc. They speak their own language based only on their pictorial form and can gain different meaning for each context they are being used in.

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