Logo Design
2014 - 2018
Long story short
A collection of logos that I've designed over the years. Most of them were created as part of the online presence process.

The logo is the center of the branding universe and although is just a small part in it, defines your aspirations. Bellow there is a collection of some of my best and dearest logos.

MrPoro Logo Design


Logo marks or symbols have a variety of applications in today’s digital world, as social media avatars, app icons etc. They speak their own language based only on their pictorial form and can gain different meaning for each context they are being used in.

Bullen Tea Logo Design
Kariaku Logo Design - Educational App
Heila Logo Design - Cosmetics Online Shop
Jolie Studio - Beauty Salon Cluj Napoca
DGM - Dear Good Morning
Women Mentors - Mentorship Online Platform
The Woman Leadership Conference
The Woman Magazine
The Woman Shop - Online Shop
Seagrass Floral Studio MA
Digital Hipsters
Greater Leads professionally-managed AdWords accounts



Gine App