UX / UI / CMS / Online presence
Long story short
Currently in development, my role is to design the UX / UI and establish an online presence that represents the brand.

Meron is a franchise that sells speciality coffee services. The idea behind their business is to capture the present moment, and the one thing that should be the greatest joy to people. The joy of being.

Online presence

We build the new website for Meron by keeping in mind mobile device performance while giving its brand the online presence it deserves. A youthful and fun play using the brand’s bold color combination of black and bright yellow.
The challenge was to speak to its audience by telling its story and to reach new audience at the same time.

Happy Cup Animation

For MERON a set of SVG Animations were created to help emphasize the brand’s presence. The icons add dynamism to the website without affecting performance. To achieve this I used the anime.js, a lightweight JavaScript animation library which works with CSS properties, SVG and DOM attributes and JavaScript Objects. The icons were drawn using an 8px grid in Sketch App.

Mobile device

Meron is still in development, but below there are some screens showcasing the work so far. Looking forward to updating this section with complete flows and graphics.


The components created “mobile first” extended nicely on larger screens, thus keeping it consistent and easy to maintain.