The Woman Shop

UI / Online shop

The Woman Shop is an online shop selling perfume and make-up. Main audience are women. Layout was build with modular sections in mind so that elements can be used across the website. My task was to create the UI for homepage and a product page, as well as creating the branding and online presence – logo, typography, visual design.

Online Presence

Product page features a clean design reflecting a modern approach for the always up-to-date-woman.

The Woman Shop’s online presence extends that of the online store on several media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. A styleguide containing rules was created in order to have a consistent presence across platforms.

Instagram Concept – Proposal was to create a series of 6 posts where, beside the product, in a 6 posts grid you can present other related products, for example products associated with a perfume on promotion. Instagram posts beside it will display make-up or jewelry or books that match the perfume mood. Smells like bubble gum.