Illustrations / UX / UI / CMS
Long story short
Womentor is one of those projects that you just love working on. I was very lucky to have been given the opportunity to design it and implement it.

Women Mentors is a platform dedicated to educating & mentoring, to those who want to develop their career, providing direct access to the life experiences of leading women in various fields. We believe that in order to train professionals it’s needed an alternative form of education based on models offered as an example.


The platform’s purpose is to create a learning space and common development, whose primary goal is to ensure a good balance program personally and professionally, to prepare participants for future challenges but also to become people with a relevant impact in society.

Online presence

Website as a digital solution to handle subscribers to benefit mentor-mentee relationships. We created 2 pages serving as landing pages for their marketing campaign on social media and events, such as the “Leadership Conference”.


To qualify as a mentor, each must take responsibility to fill the roles at the same time of a teacher, a friend, an advisor, a confidant and a role model. A mentee on the other hand must make some personal choices, be open for new experiences and engage in a professional relationship with the mentor.

Education can change people’s lives. But to make the best decisions, each needs the perspective that only the influence of successful models can offer. Here comes the role of mentors. Mentor’s page was designed on desktop to be similar to an open book, in order to keep up with the education theme and offer a sense of openness and sharing knowledge.


Every mentee has to assume a few personal choices, such as wanting to evolve professionally, be opened to new experiences, widening personal and professional horizons, spends time on interacting with the mentor and is responsive to criticism and feedback of any kind.